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Monument Dedicated by GAR in 1910
Union Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, and Navy/Marines are Represented

Grand Army of the Republic Cemetary. Snohomish, WA

This site exists to honor the veterans of the US Civil War--Specifically the Union veterans who maintained their association as members of  the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR).

Civil War Units of Particular Interest to Me

I welcome information relating to the American Civil War and the GAR. I am particularly interested in the following units that have a member buried at the Snohomish, Washington GAR cemetary:
  • 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery (Benjamin Baker)
  • 1st Michigan Light Artillery (Oliver Eastman & Albert Townes)
  • 44th Indiana Infantry (A.P. Waterhouse)
  • 29th US Colored Infantry (William Stewart)
  • (CSA) William W. Batterton--Missouri Guard.

My Dream

My dream is to promote admiration and respect for patriotic Americans of the past. Having greater respect and admiration for those who went before us will help to transform our society--inspiring the present generation to act in a manner worthy of the sacrifices that purchased our liberty.
I invite those of you with a spiritual orientation to pray for the souls of GAR veterans, and the souls of their families, friends, and associates.

Most Admired

Ulysses S. Grant

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